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    handsfree profile and headset profile on PC and Nokia 6310i

    I want to simulate a car-kit with my PC for some tests. Therefor I have to connect the PC with the Nokia 6310i over handsfree profile. Unfortunately I haven’t found a bluetooth stack, which supports HFP. I’ve tested BlueSoleil and Widcomm in Windows. Also for the opensource BlueZ for Linux seems to exist no HFP-support so far.
    Perhaps anybody know a stack supporting HFP definitely?

    If I interpreted the specification of HFP correctly, it has integrated a serial connection (RFCOMM) and a audio connection (SCO-Link). Is it possible to simulate these connections seperately with supported profiles (SPP for RFCOMM and HSP for SCO-Link) and get a „simulated“ HFP (or first just the needed connections)?
    Does the 6310i supports the connection to the PC over HSP?


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    Re: handsfree profile and headset profile on PC and Nokia 6310i


    I just can to say you that in this site you can found a project that permit support to HF and HS, just look at it and try . That one is for the stack BLuez, and I think it is good.


    As I know. If you want to send audio through bluetooth with the headset or handsfree profile you need:
    First: A channel throung you send the audio, that's is the SCO-Link (because it is synchronous).
    Second: A serial port through the PC and phone have contact and advertise each other which one is the state in each moment.

    So, if you want to send audio, you need to open a SCO-Link and a Serial port.

    I hope to help you.

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