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    Thumbs up [announce] mobimol v0.6 : worlds first molecule viewer for s60 phones

    mobimol v0.6- worlds first molecule viewer for s60 phones


    currently this viewer reads only .xyz files and has very, very basic functionality.
    you will see more features in a few days... (hope to get some spare time to do this!)
    log version :
    - added line and circle model for displaying atoms (as suggested by korakotc, thanks)
    - thanks to cyke64 for announcing mobimol in nokia developer forum and giving an example .xyz file
    - fixed lots of bugs. one notable one is the call to math.acos() in findAngle(), which i feel is a bug in the implementation of acos rather than my code.
    - the other notable change is that the painting technique has changed from endless loop to canvas.redraw_callback method, this has greately reduced the cpu cycles mobimol consumes.
    - apart from the H2O coordinates provided by [cyke64] on nokia forums, you may also obtain benzene(C6H6) coordinates from here http://tovganesh.googlepages.com/benz.xyz.
    - minor changes, added a new filechooser
    - a few bug fixes, particulary regarding rendering.

    well, i never thought that i would be writing my first mobile app in python! java was my first choice, but as you see python and nokia have a nice combination only problem is that its not as truely portable as java. that is the cost paid for easness.. this script was written in about half a day, and about an hour to get used to the s60 python APIs.

    and finally this all means that i have got a mobile! so that would be a real surprise for a lot of people that i know (u will get my number shortly )


    he XYZ format is not strictly defined and there are various versions floating around; this module accepts the following:

    First line: atom count (optional)

    Second line: molecule name or comment (optional)

    All other lines: (symbol or atomic number), x, y, and z coordinates separated by spaces, tabs, or commas.
    Try with this file for water molecule : H2O
    H 0.000000 0.746706 -0.479750
    O 0.000000 0.000000 0.119938
    H 0.000000 -0.746706 -0.479750
    or this complex molecule benzene : http://tovganesh.googlepages.com/benz.xyz
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    Re: [announce] mobimol v0.2 : worlds first molecule viewer for s60 phones

    At first I thought it's you (cyke64) writting this.

    Really a great app. It demonstrates how pys60 is capable of.
    Also how easy to write an app in python, even a mobile app.

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    Thumbs up Re: [announce] mobimol v0.2 : worlds first molecule viewer for s60 phones

    Hi.. Has anybody tried Molecular Viewer from http://tufat.com/s_3d_molecule_viewer.htm. Its available for free. Looks good too. - TufatUser

    what about Website counters | Hit counter free download ? did someone tried it?
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