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    Redirecting System.out

    Is there a mean to redirect System.out call ?

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    Re: Redirecting System.out

    Hi guimel,

    I'm not sure of what exactly you want but check this doc:

    Series 60 2nd Edition SDK for Symbian OS Supporting Feature Pack 3 for MIDP; Guide for System.out and System.err Redirection to PC

    "Series 60 FP3 SDK provides a possibility to view on the PC the System.out and System.err streams used by a MIDlet running on a phone, with the help of the device connectivity tool. All necessary settings to enable the feature are described in chapter 2. The ability of viewing System.out and System.err streams on the PC gives additional means of MIDlet debugging on the real phone.
    System.out and System.err streams, which are written to by a MIDlet under a test, are captured by a special redirector MIDlet, running simultaneously with the MIDlet under test. Redirector MIDlet sends the data using the PC connectivity Symbian application and a Bluetooth connection to the device connectivity tool running on a PC."


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    Re: Redirecting System.out

    Not on the phone unfortunately.

    You will either have to use Alerts, or text written onto a Form/Canvas or if you so wish, write to a File if your phone support FileConnection. Though I've never tried that last solution....

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    Re: Redirecting System.out


    it will be better to write the error messages into a file and save it to the filesystem using JSR 75.


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