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    Smile Bluetooth to mobile phones

    I have a bluetooth server that broadcasts images etc. to available phones in its range.

    i can not send out service indecation files via bluetooth as this is not supported.

    Therefore does anyone have any idea how i can do the following:

    Send a file from the server to the phone. The phone then is prompted to download the file.

    The file then needs to be opened on the phone and redirect the phones browser to a wap site setup to install a java application.

    At the moment we have to send out an image with instructions for the user to text a number to be sent a sms si file that opens the browser and redirects to a WAP site.

    Any ideas???? I was thinking of sending a java app to the phone that would do the si role. Is this possible and if so how?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Bluetooth to mobile phones

    With my series60 device, I can send a wap (.wml) page with bluetooth, and put in a link with an absolute link.
    If you open it in the inbox of the phone, you see the wap page. when you activate the link, the redirection works.

    On my series40 2nd device, this does not work.

    On series60, you can also just send a java-jar file, and the user can install it from the inbox. In series40 it is not so simple, but there must be a trick. The Nokia PC suite can install java apps with bluetooth, so it must somehow be possible.


    Karsten Meier

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