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    Can I buy technical support by question ?

    I am investigating/researching Nokia Series 60 phone and I need Technical Support and I am wondering if I can buy technical support by the question or for short term?

    The reason I do not want to pay yearly fees is that if the device is not able to provide the functionality I need I will not use it;

    Can you help me ?

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    Re: Can I buy technical support by question ?


    Some of the phone manufactures gives away phones for loan to developers.


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    Re: Can I buy technical support by question ?

    Do you need support for application development or as a user? If it is for app development, yes, you can buy support per question in Forum Nokia web site. If it's not, you should call Nokia Care and ask your questions to the guys at the call center.


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    Re: Can I buy technical support by question ?

    you would be asking a lot of questions, it would get pricey. Unless they can give you some sort of device matrix, that no one else has access to. Would recommend just posting your questions, and if they dont respond, they, if the question is worthy, pay for it!
    Jason Glass

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