I have a couple of questions about the default Internet browser. I’m currently using the default browser on a Sony-Ericsson P910a but I’d also like to know the answer to these questions for Nokia platforms.

First question: Does anyone know of a way to change the browser configuration programmatically? Specifically, I would like to control how the browser utilizes sockets. I’m wondering if it’s possible to make the browser use one socket per request and whether it’s possible to make it submit requests in parallel. I ask this because I’ve found that the default browser on the P910a uses a single socket per server for all HTTP requests and it serializes the requests; i.e., it submits a request, waits for the response, processes the response, submits the next request. I worry that a Nokia browser might do the same thing. Unfortunately, I don’t yet have a Nokia device on which I can check this.

Second question: Does anyone know of a way to find out what’s in the browser cache? I’d like to be able to determine whether the browser is going to ask for elements of a page before it actually does so. The objective would be to get everything that’s going to be requested to display the page as soon as the page is requested.

James McDonnell