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    Which framework is more appropriate?

    I'm currrently working on a project that requires multiple engines to do different tasks, but it is required to be in one single application. Each tasks (for example, email) requires its own views and engine.

    Thus I plan to split it up at some point in the application framework.

    From my understanding, the symbian series 60 framework is:

    Application > Document > ViewAppUi > Views > Container

    Here are my questions:
    1) is it possible to have multiple Documents under one Application, or is it one-to-one?

    2) how do i have a one to many relationship for app to documents, or is this inadvisable? I read about CApaProcess, and the AddNewDocumentL() function, but I cannot find examples of their usage.

    3) Can a view contain multiple dialogs??
    (Or rather can a framework using Avkon View Switching, also use dialogs?)

    Sorry if my questions seem fundamental. I'm a beginner in Symbian.

    Thanks in advance.
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