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Thread: Carbide bug?

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    Carbide bug?

    I'm using SDK 3rd and, probably I found a bug in Carbide, as it seems it can't compile a project as Ecom plugin.
    In fact, it compile it putting .rss file in standard dll directory, not in plugin directory. Emulator, in these condition, doesn't load the plugin.

    Codewarrior and gcce, instead, compile the project and put rss and all file in the right path, and Emulator can load it correctly.

    I found this trying to compile and emulate Sip Example provided with SDK 3rd.

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    Re: Carbide bug?


    Its not a bug, it is a documented limitation. The ECOM target type is not supported, see Release notes (in online Help) for a list of supported target types.

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    Re: Carbide bug?

    Ok, it's now clear

    However, if Carbide doesn't support plugin, it could be useful, when you import a plugin .inf file, to be notified that the plugin target type is not supported; now Carbide parser identifies plugin target giving no warnings.

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