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    Arrow WAP connection to webserver

    hi friends,

    I have an application(Servlet) which is running on the Tomcat server and my client is Midlet. I am able to make a http connection to server and able to communicate with server.

    But how can I make a WAP connection to that web server.
    please help me.


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    Re: WAP connection to webserver

    Can you do a connector.open to the proxy server and port for the WAP connection, then in the output stream, send GET or POST?

    This was a snippet I saw on internet.

    Havnt seen much with regards to proxying with J2ME, but it's built into regular java, dangit!

    If you get it working, or anyone has a simple working example or pseudocode please POST, I see this question pop up alot in this forum!

    Jason Glass

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