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    Bleutooth State Exception - Where does it come from?

    When I run the following code on my Nokia 6682, it throws a BluetoothStateException:

                            // Called when a new device has been discovered
                            public void deviceDiscovered(RemoteDevice remote, DeviceClass devclass)
                                                    System.out.println("DD: " + remote.getFriendlyName(false) + " at " + remote.getBluetoothAddress());
                                                    Log.append("Found device: " + remote.getFriendlyName(false) + " at " + remote.getBluetoothAddress(), null);
                                                                foundDevice = true;
                                                                Log.append("SSS: " + remote.getFriendlyName(false) + " at " + remote.getBluetoothAddress(), null);
                                                                agent.searchServices( null, new javax.bluetooth.UUID[]{ new javax.bluetooth.UUID(0x0100)  }, remote, this);
                                        catch(BluetoothStateException e)
                                                    Log.append("BSE while SS TEST", null);

    All this code does is search for services with UUID 0x0100 on a device with a given device name. Why does it throw this exception and how can I fix it?

    If you can please cc responses to vargasv@msoe.edu

    Thanks much.

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    Re: Bleutooth State Exception - Where does it come from?

    Hi vadikv,

    After the check for the device name is passed, you have called agent.cancelInquiry(). Soon after that you are asking the Discovery agent to start a searchServices(). I think this is causing the problem. Make sure that the device discovery is complete and the Inquiry status become cancelled or a callback is got before you issue a call to searchServices().

    Just give it a try.


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