hi everyone!!!
i recently downloaded the series 60 nokia theme editor version 3 so that i could make some customised themes,but then came to know that the the software is too complicated for me!!!!i do not understand most of the headings and to make matters worse it is pathetically slow(i have a amd 2.6 and 512 mb ram with 128 for graphics!!!)if somone could pls tell me where to get a layman explanation of the software or better still a similar software to do the same i would be very very grateful!!!!!!

p.s - i did manage to do some pathetic themes using it (only active and idle background was used) and when i wanted to make that to a sis file in version 3.0 it asked me for a certificate and so i did it in 2.6 and it worked !!!!and one last q - e.g when trying to edit battery/network indicators using the photofiltre software ,the default is first transperent (i.e the background image is seen below the indicator)but when i edit it to my liking the background turns white and it looks pathetic,how do i make thes things transperent (also happens with the selection grid,clock etc etc)..pls help!!!!!!