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    installation error again

    hello friends,
    i am using windows NT 4.0. after installing visual studio and nokia series 60 sdk it gives following error.

    the specified project could not be inserted into the current workspace.i have been trying instaling and uninstalling nokia series 60 sdk but no fruitful result has come.please give me answer asap.


    as per my question u have forwarded following answer.

    1. From the command line prompt, go to your project group folder
    2. Enter the command: bldmake bldfiles
    3. If 2 successful, enter the command abld makefile vc6
    4. Go to your project in Visual Studio and reload it.


    Request for Clarification posted by amitagrawal78 on 09/05/02 11:01PM
    dear Bjoern
    i have followed the steps mentioned by you.
    bldmake bldfiles is working fine.
    but it is giving following message after abld makefile vc6

    nmake -nologo -f "\Symbian\6.1\Series60\EPOC32\BUILD\SYMBIAN\6.1\SERIES60\NOKIAEX\PROJ\GROUP\VC6.make" MAKEFILE VERBOSE=-s

    the name specified is not recognized as an internal or external command operable programe or batch file.


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    RE: installation error again


    The Visual Studio command-line tools (such as nmake) require certain environment variables to be set properly. There is a batch file, VCVARS32.BAT, located in the VC++ /bin directory which will modify the PATH, LIB and INCLUDE environment variables. If these variables haven't been set, you cannot compile at the command prompt.

    So, before trying to compile any projects from the command line, cd to VC++ /bin directory and run the vcvars32.bat

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