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    Unhappy Easy way to catch Events

    I´m searching for an easy way, to notify my app, if an event occours. First I catched every event, but there are coming events up, even if nothing happens. That stops my Application every second or more.
    I´m just interested for events, witch uses an interaction of the user (sms, mms, incoming call or anything like that) or comes from the user ( keypress ) or changes the displaystatus (screensaver, standby).
    Now my questions:
    Do I really have to catch every event seperated with an eventlistener?
    Is there any class or so, witch makes that a little bit comfortable?
    I just need to be notified when an event occours

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    Re: Easy way to catch Events

    I think for most stuff at least (like messaging, calls) you need to construct separated listeners.


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