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    I can't type / (slash) in the simulator

    I'm testing a Wap site, and I need to type my username and my password to enter. However, my username has an "/" (slash) just in the middle. There are no way to type it in the Nokia Simulator's virtual screen (Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 3.0)

    Is necesary a keyboard combination?

    Please, say me something about that.

    Thank You.

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    RE: I can't type / (slash) in the simulator

    What Simulator are you using? Are you using the Nokia Mobile Browser? The June 2000? Or a phone simulation?

    My feeling without looking into this, is that perhaps the username and password fields are defined using a format specifier. Thus, not allowing the useage of the "/" character.

    As always, it's a good idea to include the URL to the site you're experienceing the problem with and the environement you are using. That way, we can reproduce the issue here.

    My suggestion: Check the format specifier for the input field.

    If it works on another browser, but not the one you are using, it could be a defect in the one that is allowing you to type a slash...or it could be an older WAP implementation.

    Maturity of the WAP specs have caused some changes in the behaviour in the area of input fields. So you may be encountering an older Wap spec implementation in the browser that allows you to use the slash as well.

    Toolkit Team

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