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    Sound engine for Symbian games released, plays MIDIs and SFXs simultaneously

    Tuny Engine for Symbian has been released for beta testing!

    About Tuny Engine
    Tuny Engine is a real-time audio system for mobile games and applications. Currently it supports Symbian OS. With Tuny Engine, high quality music and SFX in compact mobile games become possible.

    Feature Set
    1) Built in high quality software MIDI synthesizer.
    * Now you can play MIDI music and SFX sounds at the same time.
    * The sound quality is better than most Symbian devices' built in MIDI player.
    * Playback of MIDI files on Emulator is supported.
    * Identical audio output on all mobile devices and emulators. No worry about different MIDI output on different devices any more!
    2) Two MIDI channels, which allow you to play a background MIDI and a foreground SFX MIDI simultaneously.
    3) Unlimited number of software mixing channels. Plays as much SFXs as you want simultaneously.
    4) High quality mixing, including volume ramping and resampling with linear interpolation.
    5) Well designed API, which is specially targeted to mobile game developers. Adding sound to mobile games becomes an easy and happy job.

    Tuny Engine is free to use for non-commercial products.

    For more information, please visit http://www.focusbyte.com
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