hi everybody. hope my questions are not too basic, but i'm quite confused by the documentation and would appreciate some clarification, thanks a lot in advance...

i'm using UIQ SDK, symbian 9.1

what i want to do is to access the local messaging inbox. am i right in thinking that the local inbox is common to all types of messages, i. e. both POP3 and IMAP e-mail, SM and MM?

so, in order to determine how many messages i've got in my local inbox i have to create a CMsvEntry like this, right?:

CMsvEntry* inboxEntry = CMsvEntry::NewL (&aMsvSession, KMsvGlobalInBoxIndexEntryId, TMsvSelectionOrdering());

question is, what kind of CMsvSession do i need? do i have to create one like this, or am i completely off the track?:

CMsvSession msv_session = CMsvSession::OpenSyncL (*this);
in the ConstructL() of the class that's supposed to access the inbox.

since i don't want to register any event handling function - is there a way around creating that session in the first place?

once i have that MsvEntry, the number of messages is just a matter of:

TInt count = inboxEntry->Count();

i presume?

any hints appreciated, TIA and best regards!