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    Selecting a phone number from the phone book

    Hi, i need to select a phone number from the phonebook. i currently have this code:

    RPbkViewResourceFile pbkrf ( *iCoeEnv );
    CPbkContactEngine* engine;
    CPbkSingleItemFetchDlg::TParams params;

    CPbkSingleItemFetchDlg* dlg=CPbkSingleItemFetchDlg::NewL(params, *engine);
    CPbkContactItem* contact=engine->OpenContactL(params.iContactItem->Id());
    TPbkContactItemField* field=contact->FindField(params.iContactItemField->FieldInfo().FieldId());
    TBuf<60> buf;
    delete engine;

    all works nicely, except that the contacts First name and last name appear as fields. is there a way to stop them from showing? or another way of doing this? thanks in advance

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    Re: Selecting a phone number from the phone book

    ok. sorted it. if anyone cares, email me.... daalmightykebab@hotmail.com

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