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    3230's phonebook(contact) app problem


    My Nokia's 3230 phonebook application is not working.
    When I open it, it is showing me an empty screen with no "options" menu
    but with "exit" button which is not working.
    I also observed that my contacts.cdb file exists.
    How can I recover my phonebook application ?
    Or from where can I install the phonebook/contacts application.

    Please let me know the solution if someone knows....
    Its urgent....

    thanks in advance...


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    Re: 3230's phonebook(contact) app problem

    If it is possible you might want to test to syncronize your contacts to your computer or make a backup to the MMC card and then format the phone (with *#7370# in standby mode) and then sync the contacts back again.

    You can´t install the contact application seperately in Nokia 3230.

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