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    Is MIDP1.0 Supports Wma

    Hai friends

    I build an sms application using javax.wireless.messaging
    It only works in Midp2.0 enabled mobiles , is any alternative to work with
    MIDP1.0 plese suggest me


    Ravi varma

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    Re: Is MIDP1.0 Supports Wma

    Support for WMA doesn't really have any relation with the MIDP version. There can be MIDP 1.0 phones that support it. The majority won't though.

    On phones without WMA you're usually out fo luck, but some might have proprietary APIs for SMS functionality. For example, I remember some older Nokia devices had a Nokia SMS API (the 3410 for instance, but for some reason it's device specification page now says it support WMA, so maybe they changed that).


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    Re: Is MIDP1.0 Supports Wma

    Hi verma,
    wat is MIDP 1.0 device you tryed runnung the application?? because, most of the nokia MIDP1.0 device supports WMA as well. E.g 3100, the basic java supported phone, has support to WMA. It is nothing to do with MIDP version.


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