Hi, I'm trying to trigger an event after a view has been fully activated, but it always seems to get triggered early.

I've tried putting the code that triggers my event into the container's ConstructL(), the view's ViewActivatedL(), or the container's FocusChanged() functions... in each case, the code does execute, but it seems to be done before the view is acutally set in the AppUi's iView variable.

General Scenerio:
- User in View A calls ActivateLocalViewL(View B)
- View B is created
- View B's ViewActivatedL() function triggers an event
- The event goes to the AppUi, processes, and then makes a call to function X on the "current view" (determined by looking at AppUi.iView)
- View A's function X gets called, not view B's

How can I wait for "View B" to be 'activated' (AppUi.iView = View B), before I trigger the event? I'd like to avoid setting a timer that just waits some abritrary length of time, and hope the view is ready...