Some users are changing their phones rather frequently and prefer to keep contacts on the SIM card. Currently, SIM directory application stinks. I am judging by my N6600:

1. SIM directory application does not show SIM slot number for the contacts.

2. SIM directory application does not allow to rearrange contacts on the SIM - change their SIM slots.

3. Phone dialing application could show the SIM slot when dialing some contact.
I believe not everyone wants that, so this should be customizeable.
E.g. when I am dialing my friend Bob, it would be nice to know that his phone number is stored in SIM slot number 5, so next time, I could call him by entering "5#" in the idle screen, instead of using this tedious search in Contacts.
Count by the number of keys:
[Enter contacts]
[two times key "2" to enter "b"]
[three times key "6" to enter "o"]
[two times key "2" to enter "b"]
[possibly scroll down to find the right Bob out of many Bobs]

Instead of just

You see my point now?

4. In the Idle screen, when I enter "5#", the phone gives me the phone number that is stored in SIM slot number 5, but it does not show the contact name! The name is right there on the SIM card, together with the phone number, how hard is it to show it?
This goes to the top of my S60 annoyancies list.

Dear Nokia Marketing!
Please stop forcing people to use the Contacts application that stores everything in phone memory, and give people the choice of using their SIM card to keep contacts in, if they choose so.