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    I want Place Some unique code in sim memory is it possible?

    hai friends

    I want Place Some unique code in sim memory is it possible? or can i access any information from sim (number or sim number or any )?

    any solution regarding this i will be greatfull to u?

    Ravi varma

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    Re: I want Place Some unique code in sim memory is it possible?

    Java cannot do anything with sim, might be able to interact with it through AT commands and modem, but dont think you will be able to store code there

    There is an api in java, for accessing the sim, but it is not implemented i do not think, and if it is, it is carrier or manufacturer allowed only.

    You might be able to do something on C++ side, but note, most carriers control SIM access

    Phone number usually is not installed on device, sometimes stored in SIM, if in SIM, you might be abble to access it through AT commands, but doubt it, most people just give up.

    Some carriers will add it to http headers
    Jason Glass

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