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    Nokia 6210 serial interface for SMS send and receive


    i have a software installed in my PC which can send and receive SMS via Nokia GSM 6210 interfaced through serial port to my PC.
    Now i would like to know that whether my software will work with any other mobile phone of Nokia using serial port and same serial port software.

    you may answer me at my email address too at mubashar@highersummit.com

    Thanking you in anticipation.


    G.Mubashar Jally

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    Re: Nokia 6210 serial interface for SMS send and receive

    Hi gmjally,

    I'd need to set up a system like yours using either Nokia 6210 or 6310 through the serial port. May I ask which cable did you use with your 6210? Did you have any problems with that, or did all the necessary AT commands work ok? I assume one can just plug the serial cable to the PC and send AT commands using e.g. HyperTerminal?


    - Petri

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    Re: Nokia 6210 serial interface for SMS send and receive

    Simple AT commands work with it. The serial is not easily available nowadays. So that is the reason that i want to replace Nokia 6210.
    That is why, i am asking that is there be any other model of Nokia which can work with same setup and serial port. Actually i want to get rid of this old Nokia 6210 and its serial port. i want to switch to Nokia 6600 or similar to it which has serial port interface.

    so guys, if anyone can help me out on this, then help me.
    isn't there anyone from Nokia company to let me know its answer.

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