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    Nokia 6210 and SMS Demon Software

    I use a piece of software from Australia called SMS Demon, it's a windows 2000 service that talks to a GSM modem and send or recieves SMS messages and passes them on to a connected Database.

    The program works fine when connected to a Siemens M35 phone and work most of the time when connected to a Nokia 5130 via a software modem - However I cannot managed to get it to connect to a Nokia 6210, which I was most looking forward to using it with since this phone has such a large internal SMS memory on the phone. I can't even get it to connect.

    Has anyone used this software successfully on a Nokia 6210? If so what settings did you use? There is a trial version of the software available from www.smsdemon.com

    Whenever I run the program with a Nokia I always get the following message:

    COM[1](E): SMSRead failure error: 20481

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    RE: Nokia 6210 and SMS Demon Software


    Why don't you ask the question from the original software vendor?

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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