Trying to send file with CSendUi on 3rd edition.... but no idea what went wrong... please help....

I use the standard method of CSendUi and try to send a .jpg via bluetooth. But it returns "Unable to execute file for security reason (-46)". It can send on MMS. Is it related to capabilities?? The .jpg is just a JPEG I created myself with a Symbian program.

Any idea??

CMessageData* cmd = CMessageData::NewL();
cmd->AppendAttachmentL (_L("c:\\data\\images\\abc.jpg"));

sendui->ShowQueryAndSendL (cmd, TSendingCapabilities (0, 10000000, TSendingCapabilities::ESupportsAttachments ));

It will show a sub menu with "MMS" and "Bluetooth" item. I choose MMS and it's normal and will show the MMS editor with the picture. But with I choose Bluetooth it shows:

"Unable to execute file for security reason (-46)".