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    SDK paths to "z:" drive


    Going by the manual I was trying to create my first Symbian Carbide.vs project.
    Right after enabling the SDK (s60 3) I suddenly got a dialog box saying "Can not save AddIn properties to file z:\Carbide_vs\properties.xml". The reason for this is that drive z: is a network drive I'm disconnected from for a long time. I must mention that since I installed both Visual Studio AND Carbide.vs I was always DISCONNECTED from this network.

    Anyway, how could this have happened (taking in account that as far as V. Studio and Carbide.vs are concerned z:/ has never been connected)?

    And more important how and where could I change the place of properties.xml (and maybe other files I'll be needing in the future as well) to an existing path?

    Thanks in advance!
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