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    Problems using .mifdef files


    I have a .mifdef file with two images, one .svg and the other .bmp. For some reason BMCONV does not like the bmp image. (See console output below)

    I am using the standard helloworld project and adding the image 'background.bmp' from the ScalableScreenDrawing sample project from Forum Nokia. I have tried different settings for the bmp file, but nothing seems to work.

    Any ideas?

    - Andrew

    Console output:

    --- SNIP ---

    'Building file: ../gfx/HelloWorld.mifdef'
    'Invoking: MIF Compiler'
    perl -S epocmifdef.pl -p"C:\Workspace\HelloWorld\" -hC:\Symbian\9.1\S60_3rd\EPOC32\include\HelloWorld.mbg -o"/Symbian/9.1/S60_3rd/EPOC32/RELEASE/WINSCW/UDEB/Z/resource/apps/HelloWorld.mif" ../gfx/HelloWorld.mifdef
    Reading source list file: ../gfx/HelloWorld.mifdef.txt
    Checking: C:\Workspace\HelloWorld\gfx\qgn_menu_HelloWorld.svg
    Checking: C:\Workspace\HelloWorld\gfx\background.bmp
    Loading mif icons...
    Loading file: C:\Workspace\HelloWorld\gfx\qgn_menu_HelloWorld.svg
    Writing mif: /Symbian/9.1/S60_3rd/EPOC32/RELEASE/WINSCW/UDEB/Z/resource/apps/HelloWorld.mif
    Loading mbm icons...
    Loading file: C:\Workspace\HelloWorld\gfx\background.bmp
    Writing mbm: /Symbian/9.1/S60_3rd/EPOC32/RELEASE/WINSCW/UDEB/Z/resource/apps/HelloWorld.mbm

    BMCONV version 112.
    Multiple bitmap store type: Compressed ROM image store
    Epoc file: /c24C:\Workspace\HelloWorld\gfx\background.bmp

    Number of sources/targets mismatch.

    ERROR: Executing Bmconv failed!

    ***** Multi-image-file converter *****

    MIFCONV output_file_name.mif

    --- SNIP ---

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    Re: Problems using .mifdef files


    Looks like there is a blank missing in /c24C:\Workspace\HelloWorld\gfx\background.bmp after the /C24. You could try to edit the file in a normal text editor (ourside the IDE) and then check if recompilation (Rebuild) would work?

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