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    Question Update after Obfuscation

    Something came to my mind, while i was working on J2ME today..

    Think about a jar file which was obfuscated and all the unnecessary classes and the other things are removed from it. But when you add a functionality to your MIDlet which can be updated automatically from the mobile phone, will it be a problem, if you use the classes which were deleted by the obfuscator ( like proguard ) ?

    Will we also need to update the class definitions to the mobile , or how will it be possible, when you use those classes whose definitions were deleted by the obfuscator before..

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    Re: Update after Obfuscation

    The only way to update a MIDlet is to use the MIDlet.platformRequest(url), where "url" is your updated midlet url (same midlet suite, midlet name and so on...). Consequently, the former MIDlet is overwritten by the new one, you won't have any problem with obfuscated classes.
    Some phones ask you if you want to save your "RMS" data, if you used RMS in the former MIDlet. Some other phones are unable to overwrite the MIDlet, because of their old firmwares.

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    Re: Update after Obfuscation

    Thanks so much for your answer, canard_42, it has been really helpful !

    So it's not possible to change only a part of the midlet but we have to change the jar file itself...

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