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    Smile Solution for http problem on new nokia phone

    Hi to all,
    as you will have read in the last message, i have had a problem with connection http on 6680 and 6630..
    Finally I'm successful to find one solution ....:-))
    The response of get request did not come read from the 6680 and 6630 while for the others yes.this problem has been found from many other developers.
    After a lot of tests they are successful to read GET with the 6680 ....
    1) In the new Nokia Phone when the byte flow is read is it is NECESSARY to make it with one mask the aim to extract the correct byte :

    byte flow[] = new byte[((int)len)];
    int n = is.read(flow, 0, flow.length);
    for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
    ch = flow[i] & 0x000000ff;
    len = connection.getLength(), the size of data
    Attention ! also LEN must be masked

    In this way all the characters correctly are read !
    According to mine , the problem was the lack of the mask!
    Attention to another problem of N70, the redirect (code 302)...but for this enough to use one script of redirect through Locations'http_headers..
    Hi to all,
    Nicola Palmieri
    Integra Solutions Napoli - K4m

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    Re: Solution for http problem on new nokia phone

    That method won't work for me.. but I have overcome by set the content-length header at the server script. Just for your information.

    ref : http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?p=208417

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    Re: Solution for http problem on new nokia phone

    hi Nicola,
    can your method read http 302 correctly on s60 like 6630,6680 etc?

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