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    Need help using File Connection API's

    Please tell me which nokia phones support "FILE CONNECTION API's". If they doesnt support these, is there any nokia specific library to access local file system of phone? Is there any way to access local file system?
    Raply soon!!!!

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    Re: Need help using File Connection API's

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    Re: Need help using File Connection API's

    Different Nokia devices ofcourse do support FileConnection API's, and AFAIK there is'nt any specific API that helps in accessing Files from the File system in Nokia.

    You may get the list of Devices supporting the PDA Optional Packages here in this link. http://j2mepolish.org/devices/devices-pdaapi.html

    Also you may check out Forum Nokia devices page that may contain the latest devices that do support JSR 75.

    Hope this helps!


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