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    Hangup incoming call

    I am currently writing an application to hangup an incoming call before the connected state.

    If I just call the HangUp() function from Etel RCall like this
    RCall iCall;

    the application crash without hanging up.

    How can I hang up (reject) a call, is it possible with the HangUp() from RCall.
    The Symbian Api guide states that it's not possible to use the function before the call gets connected:
    Terminates a call established with the Dial(), Connect() or AnswerIncomingCall() functions — synchronous.

    When using an AT-command based TSY, HangUp() can only be used once the call is in a connected state. However, in a one-box solution, where the TSY interfaces more directly to the phone, HangUp() can also be used in a call ringing state.
    Is it possible to hang up in another way??

    Please help me

    /Anders, AAU

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    Re: Hangup incoming call


    Is it possible to simulate a key press eg. to press the "red no button?
    I think it may be the best way to hang up by Etel, but if this is not possible the simulation might be the solution?

    /Anders , AAU

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