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    Question New in Server side programming(!servlet)

    Hi friends,
    While learning about the j2me development ,i came across an application which work for server side and for midlet.
    Can any one give me some idea regarding this to build such application?(coz i'm new in this applicatio)
    If any one knows some references about this concept like notes/site/source code etc. ,plz let me know.

    Sachin Warang.

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    Re: New in Server side programming(!servlet)

    Hi sachinwarang,

    As you may know server side Java has servlets, JSPs and EJBs, basically. If you're looking for client side (JME) to server-side integration, it's good to understand servlets and HTTP at least. Also, MIDP and GCF is important.

    For Servlets see:

    Java Servlet Technology


    Java Servlets Articles

    For MIDP:
    MIDP Inter-Communication with CGI and Servlets

    Hope it helps!!!


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