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    Debugger: Exception occurred during launch (Error within Debug UI)

    I try to debug my application with Carbide.c++ Express and S60 2nd FP3.

    The debugger does not start. It just says "Exception occurred during launch", "Error within Debug UI" and reason: "java.lang.InvocationTargetException"

    Any ideas, what I should do? If i execut epoc from command line, I can see run my application, so the problem is just with the startup.

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    Re: Debugger: Exception occurred during launch (Error within Debug UI)

    When Debug UI is part of Carbide/Eclipse so therefore there is no issue when starting the emulator.
    - Do you get any more information in the Error Log (Use Window -> Show view -> PDE Runtime if you do not have the Error log active)?
    - Anything unusual about your system? Like virtual windows systems or similar?

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