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    Arrow hiiii pls read & reply

    i am sunil & planning to buy 3650 but i am not sure that i can load & play hi quality games which are available for 6600.
    some says that it can be played on 3650 easily. some says it wont .
    so i am confused .... pls guide me .
    as if i cant play games of 6600 on my 3650 i wont buy the phone.
    plz... plzzz... reply

    your friend.

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    Re: hiiii pls read & reply

    The 3650 supports MIDP 1.0, the Nokia API and MMAPI (a multimedia API).

    The 6600 supports MIDP 2.0, the Nokia API, MMAPI, WMA (an SMS API), and the bluetooth API.

    So you won't be able to play all 6600 games, but any game that doesn't use bluetooth/SMS/MIDP 2.0 features will probably be playable on the 3650.


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