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    Question Application hanging problem

    Hi all.

    I am quite new designing application for mobile using J2ME.
    I am currently trying to make a midlet run on a nokia 9500.
    Note that this midlet performs some http connection
    and also holds a server socket connection to be able to
    receive notification.

    This works fine while running using the Java Sun Wireless toolkit.

    However, i have trouble to make it work properly.
    I already solved a problem linked to the read of the input
    stream once a connection is received by my server socket
    connection. This works fine for a while and then, without
    any specific operation, the application hangs. I can still move
    the cursor and select commands but nothing happens.

    Does anybody could help me to find the solution to that,
    maybe just by telling me if it is possible to dump
    the thread stack somehow.
    Note also that i follow the recommendation to perform
    network connection in separate threads.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: Application hanging problem


    Are you using a separate thread (different from GUI one) to handle the connections?

    Also, check the doc below for debugging options available when using Nokia Developer's Suite 3.0 (it applies to Carbide.j 1.0.1 as well).

    MIDP: Debugging Basics (With Example)


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    Re: Application hanging problem


    Thanks for the information.

    I downloaded and installed the stuff and it seems to work properly.
    I created a dedicated project in eclipse using the nokia plugin and I imported
    my source code in it. Again, this is fine.
    Finally, i have tried to run it and it seems to be ok until it tries to create a connection
    to the network. On the other hand, i am not sure that my configuration is good.

    I try first the default configuration. Then, I tried also by setting the IP information of
    my PC, including the proxy one. Then, when i start the emulator and my midlet, it asks me if i want to allow my application to make an internet connection. I say yes (obviously :-)) and then it let me choose between making an Easy WLAN connection and a GSM data one. Again, i tried both but it does not seem to work properly.

    I tried also to run the emulator alone to browse an URL and I did not succeed either.

    Could anyone help me on that one ?
    Thanks again in advance.


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    Talking Re: Application hanging problem


    I did not have a look since a long time to this post
    and i noticed that it is not relevant anymore
    since I am now using a Nokia 6680 and a N70
    on which connections are fine.

    So, if somebody (you never know :-))) was planning to
    help me out, this is not necessary any more.

    Thanks anyway.

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