Hey everybody.

i tried to connect a aplication write in C with Java (JSR-82 - running in PDA). I can send (with socket) a buffer from java to C application, an works great, but i can't do the inverse. When i tried to do a write in the socket, the java aplication tell that is nothing already to receive!!! (note: the comunnication is already up)
the codding is very simples, i just use the function send(s,......) and after this function i put the write function. But, isn't work.
i don't now what's happen? i have 3 suggestion:
- maybe a socket in a listenmode (listen(s,1) )can't write in the socket
- or the java aplication (on pda) needs a autorization or something like that
- or i need a service record

note: i do'n't wanna use a service record, i just connect form java to a C programm, using the url "btsp://xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:1001; and after the conection is established i try to send and receive packets

Any suggestion??

Sorry about my english, i from brazil