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    Sharing data between two EXEs (S60 3rd ed.)


    I'm looking for a way to share data (one file) between two EXEs in my application. What's the best way to do so?
    Basically each EXE must read and write properties in a file and this file should be kept private from any other applications...
    Where should I put this file?
    Is there a way to say that an application is "friend" of another one, so that it can read and write files in the other one's private directory?

    Thank you to all people contributing to the thread!!

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    Re: Sharing data between two EXEs (S60 3rd ed.)

    you posted in java forums, but java does not use exe's, are you wanting to use exe's, as that would be the C++ forums.

    If you want to use java, and have a device that allows the java access to the file system, then two midlets should be able to read and write to a file that at a minimum, they created, though I have not tried it. If there are permissions, you would think they could possibly be tied in to midlet vendors name, or the midlets names

    I dont think there is any options when creating a file, as to access rights, though databases support this with MIDP 2.0

    keep in mind, that any c++ app, or java app, might possibly be able to read the data your saving to the file, so dont save security related data.

    good luck
    Jason Glass

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    Re: Sharing data between two EXEs (S60 3rd ed.)

    Yes, I was meaning C++, sorry!!!!!!
    I posted the thread in the wrong forum!!!!!!

    Now I moved it to:


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