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    Send SMS XML, UDH

    I`m trying to send an SMS using SOAP/XML, I need to specify the destination port of the mobile phone because we are using a Java Application on the terminal, I know I have to use UDH + Message encoded in Base 64, but it doesn`t work properly, when I try to open the SMS the message is corrupt. Could you help me? or sending me an example?

    I've to include it on this tag:

    <vodb:messageBody>UDH Header + SMS encoded in base 64</vodb:messageBody>

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Send SMS XML, UDH

    hi almulf,
    can please tell me how to use this UDH to send the SMS for perticular port no.
    Are you using it in J2ME or symbian.

    thanks in advance.


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