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    Complier for the device


    I have developed an application fro S60 3rd edition and need to intall it to a s60 phone for testing.For doing that
    I need to compile the pallication for the armv5 platform, which requires the RVCT compiler and which according to my understanding requires a paid license.(pleas correct me if i am wrong).

    So is there any other alternative for this so that i can install my appln. to the device.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Complier for the device

    Well, fortunately you are sort of wrong. You can compile for a device with the RVCT 2.2 compiler but you do not need it. You can also use the free GCCE compiler that comes with the S60 3.0 SDK (remember to install the extra tools, details in the S60 SDK release notes). In Carbide tools you choose the GCCE target to invoke the GCCE compiler.

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