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    can't edit images in N70

    hi all,
    i have a little roblem with my N70.
    whenever i select the edit option for the images from gallery>images and videos>options>edit rather of opening the photo editor program my device exits fromt he gallery and comes to the stanby screen.
    Can anybody help me with this.i read the manual and in there it is written that when we select this edit option an image or video editor opens.so i'm confused by 'an'...doesit mean any 3rd party photo/image editor or the image editor provided by the nokia(present in the ROM).

    and also has the firmware upgrade for N70 come into market?

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    Re: can't edit images in N70

    Usles to serarch for updates for N70.
    As about your problem, sounds like the system do not now wat kind of files are the one you try to edit. If you try a master reset and still have the problem, post some more details(img type,size, source(camera or extern), it may be an 'update' to a codec that are not so clever as it looks.
    If you have python instaled, I have an small-very small and slow-image editor build whith, and it have basic function: resize, color depth, negative, canavas size. But if codecs are wrong,evrithings go wrong. Since you ask about an firmware update, I assume thet you allready do it, so you could tell about your phone action at the very begining of life(wright after update)

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