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    Nokia 6670 PC suite error-please help

    I have nokia 6670. I am using latest version of PC suite version 6.70.22
    my problem is that when i connect to phone using blue tooth, the pc suite connects for 2, 3 minutes and i can only download images from my phone. Messages and contacts are not accessable. After three minutes, i receive the error
    (could not connect to the phone). whereas it is shown in get connected window
    (nokia6670 connected via blue tooth) . when i use repair option in pcsuite, the same thing happens again. I get connected for 2, 3 minutes and can download images only. Then i get the same error, could not connect to the phone.

    i place phone just next to my computer and there is no out of range issue.
    I am using xp with sp2 installed and updated regularly.

    When I use microsoft blue tooth i can send images as well as receive.
    here is a screen shot of the error.

    just see, phone is visible in pcsuite but when i click on it using file manager, i get the error (could not connect to the phone)

    Another thing is that even i switch off my 6670, it is still shown in pc suite as as connected..

    I have also tried the nokia pcsuite cleaner but no use.

    i ll be grateful if some on helps me solving this problem


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