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Thread: pkg file

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    pkg file

    hi all,
    i'm trying to add files to my app after install it
    i'm doing the foolowing every thing done but the sis size is double
    i't didn't detect that source files is the same.
    //pkg file
    ; Languages

    ; Header
    #{"my app"},(0x19472B6E), 0, 1, 1, TYPE=SU

    (0x19472B6E), 0, 1, 1,{"my app"}

    ; Target

    IF EXISTS ("c:\system\apps\my app")
    "C:\MyWork\Files\In.inf"-"c:\system\apps\my app\In.inf"
    "C:\MyWork\Files\SDt.fff"-"c:\system\apps\my app\SDt.fff"
    "C:\MyWork\Files\Tt.fff"-"c:\system\apps\my app\Tt.fff"
    ELSEIF EXISTS ("E:\system\apps\my app")
    "C:\MyWork\Files\In.inf"-"e:\system\apps\my app\In.inf"
    "C:\MyWork\Files\SDt.fff"-"e:\system\apps\my app\SDt.fff"
    "C:\MyWork\Files\Tt.fff"-"e:\system\apps\my app\Tt.fff"

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    Re: pkg file

    Even if I have not tried it, I suppose that using !:\... in a SISUPGRADE package would use the original installation drive without querying the user.

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    Re: pkg file

    you need to use the '!:' instead or 'e:' or 'c:' . when the installer uses '!:' it will work out where the installtion file where placed. ( as indicated by wizard_hu )

    When you specify in your case e: and c: in your .pkg file it will include them as seperate files.

    ie. "C:\MyWork\Files\In.inf"-"c:\system\apps\my app\In.inf" is not the same file as "C:\MyWork\Files\In.inf"-"e:\system\apps\my app\In.inf"

    you need to use "c:\MyWork\Files\In.inf"-"!:\system\apps\my app\In.inf"

    Hope this helps

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    Re: pkg file

    when i put i instead of use the drive C or E but the installer display memory selection and depends on which the user select it copies the files
    i was think as i put SU in header it will by default install them to app dir

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