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    Which is the right solution?

    In the Project Im working, I have a PC + GSM modem with a UDP connection listening to a specific port. I also have a mobile phone (Nokia 6230i) which I need to connect to the UDP connection. The problem is that the mobile doesn't know neither IP nor port of the PC so the only way to inform the mobile about that I guess is sending a SMS/MMS (is there any other?).
    The ideal situation would be: the mobile receives a SMS with host & port of the PC, and it starts the J2ME application that establishes the connection to the PC with the info provided, but:

    1) As the Nokia 6230i doesn't have Symbian OS, I think it can't have apps running in background mode, so none listening for incoming SMS apps can be running and therefore all incoming messages would be caught by the native software.
    2) Could it be possible to include in a MMS a link to open the local MIDlet that with the information in that MMS establishes the connection with the PC?
    3) Im pretty sure that not (at least with PIM and FC APIs) but, is it possible for a J2ME application to access to the device SMS storage?

    What do people advise me? I can now see one solution: when a SMS is received, the user opens the MIDlet and inputs the data about the PC host & port. But this sol has been refused by my project manager. The user interaction must be at most, going through the menu to open the MIDlet.

    * I said Im now using Nokia 6230i, but lately I may have to test with a 6600 or another mobile phone.

    Thnaks in advance

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    Re: Which is the right solution?

    Answering myself,
    seems that through PushRegistry i can link a MIDlet to an inbound connection such as an incoming SMS message

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