hi all,

Has any one of you worked with the SIP JAIN PRESENCE server using mobiles and where you successfull to invite?

Im able to INVITE, SUBSCRIBE,Send MESSAGE by using the EMULATORS but when i try the same on the mobile nothing works out except the REGISTRATION process.

But at times, when i try to INVITE using the JAIN Server (from the mobile device) i get "415 unsupported media type" (The content type is set to "application/sdp")

Could any of you suggest me another server which can be used for testing my app in mobile phones or tell me what should i do with the JAIN server.

I dont find any reason for this, as the INVITE Process worked fine on the emulators.

Can any of you help me out!

im working on the server for few many days.....please provide me some links or some hints!!!!

Looking forward,