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    I am getting error when compiling

    hi every one,

    I am really new to this platform I am using this j2me to create a an application that will turn off the backlight when the application started .I had started with an example after going trhough the e-book ok j2me and I had created a .jar file and .jad file for getting the date and its working fine on the mobile phone .Now I want to go to my module ie,to turnoff back light
    when i wrote the code MyClass extends MIDlet........
    In startApp(){
    // i used this function
    I had imported all the pakages that are needed but the issue is when compiling i am getting an error that package doesnot exist at

    any one please helpme out

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    Re: I am getting error when compiling

    Hi anil_b,

    The Nokia UI API (nokiaui.zip or classes.zip-check inside) is not declared in your classpath. I do not know which SDK you're using but Nokia ones do include it. Give them a try - http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/0,6566,033_3-1,00.html

    Depending on the IDE you're using you can also convert them to jar files and include the jars into your classpath.


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