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    6670 application install error

    I am having a problem with my nokia 6670. I am trying to install a sample program from the Symbian Series60 SDK version 7.0 (which is listed as the proper version for this phone). After generating my sis file, I used the Nokia application installer that came with the phone. It successfully downlaods the file and attempts to install. the phone displays:

    "Application is untrusted and may have problems. Install only ifyou trust provider." ::I click yes::

    "Install travis_hello?" ::I click yes::

    "application my not be compatibel with phone. Quit isntallation?" :: I click no::

    after asking to specify which memory I want to use it displays:

    "File Corrupted" and the exits the installation process.

    Am I not setting up something in the phone? The two files that I inlcuded in my package file for generating the sis file is the *.rsc file and *.app file. Any ideas?



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    Re: 6670 application install error

    There is no "Symbian Series60 SDK version 7.0".

    The 6670 is based on S60 2nd Edition Feature Pack 1 ("Series 60 2.1") and Symbian OS 7.0s.

    So, make sure you use the S60 2nd Ed FP1 SDK to create the app.

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