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    Concatenated Messages


    If a concatenated set of messages is sent to either or :-

    1) Nokia (old) handset that does not handle concatenation
    2) Nokia handset that cannot concatenate as many parts as need to be sent.

    Will the handset acknowledge each or all parts of the message (to the delivering SMSC)even though it cannot handle such a message or so many parts?

    I have heard that in some cases the message can get stuck on the SMSC until it times out (validity time expires) because the handset does not acknowledge the message segments.

    Is this the case or not.

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    RE: Concatenated Messages


    I haven't done any great studies about this, but if the phone does not support concatenated messages it will show the message part by part. It just can't parse the message to look like one. Delivery indication is sent in every case.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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