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    We need an official response: Win2000 and 6310i Bluetooth

    Okay here's the situation.

    I run a Windows 2000 machine. I own a Nokia 6310i. I borrowed a friends 3com bluetooth adapter to have a try at using the nokia connection suite and customise my phone a bit.

    However, the connection manager keeps throwing an error at me and won't establish a bluetooth connection, meaning I can use none of the features I actually bought the phone for. There is a fundamental problem with bluetooth connectivity with the 6310i and Windows 2000 and later OSs, which nokia have not addressed but other manufacturers have. I looked for a DTL-4 card, but the only seller I found said it was discontinued, is this true?

    If there is no official response from nokia on this issue within the next two weeks my phone will be returned to vendor as I am entitled to do, and will certainly think long and hard before trusting this brand again, especially seeing how my friend's Sony-Erikson works so well with bluetooth.

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    RE: We need an official response: Win2000 and 6310i Bluetooth

    The 3Com adapter you could just use for Dial-up networking and fax traffic. If you want to use WIN 2000 you could use an existing DTL-4 and other Digianswer compatible cards. The better approach might be to look at www.socketcom.com. There you could get a solution which is supporting XP as well. Pc-Suite will work also with the soccket solution.

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