I am debugging Carbide.c++ Express console application with debugger and i found one problem during debugging process.

When code execution passes TRAPD or TRAP clause and execution stops on
my brake point ( BP 2, See sample code ). This is ok.

But when i hover mouse cursor over the local variable
after TRAP clause, tool tip tells that "No value available" !

Same thing with Experssion window with same variabele -> No value available !

Sample code :

TInt i = 100; // hovering with mouse over the i is ok.
// Exection stopped on BP 1

TRAPD( err, retVal = SomeFunctionL() );
//Exectution stopped on BP 2

Now when execution is stopped on BP 2,
hovering with mouse over the i tells "No value available".

So, do i have to configure Carbide.c++ some way, or is this
feature "Known issue" with new one product ?