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    Can Nokia 6800 with DKU-5 cable send and receive SMS

    Hello Experts,

    I am trying to build some SMS prototypes ASK type of applications.

    I have a trail version of an SMS gateway - middleware tool using which I want to communicate with my Nokia 6800 phone via DKU-5 data cable. However the middleware provider has the following comment.

    "For example, most Nokia phones have DLR-3 and DAU-9 types of cables. The DLR-3 type is for data/fax applications, and the DAU-9 is for use with Logo Manager. The middle ware requires the DLR-3 type (data/fax)."

    My question is DKU-5 a DLR-3 type. I am a total newbee so this question might be a bit silly. But would appreciate your response

    Thanks in advance
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